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The Political Revenge of Gaia.

GEO 2442: The Politics of Climate Change and Energy.

Is the future of biofuels reliant on left-over fast-food cooking oil?

The golden arches dominate the fast-food industry and the oil used to cook their menu may be the answer to reducing the environmental impact of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs). According to Poulikakos et al., (2013) the increase of HGVs is directly proportional to the increase of pollutant emissions. According to…

Why can’t we just make climate change Illegal? The tragedy of the commons.

With climate change fronting itself as our generation’s enigma, a simple solution to say is ‘just make climate change illegal’. However, the process of ‘top-down’ measures set to combat climate change can be extensive, too time-consuming, and slowly implemented. Why is this the case? If laws for the COVID-19 pandemic…

The Cornish Space Mission: expanding Newquay Airport after declared Climate Emergency.

In 1957, the launch of Sputnik 1 inaugurated the Space Age. Since then, there’s been a transition towards the desire for connectivity while fuelling billionaires’ imaginations with the possibility and reality of monetising the stratosphere. In spite of the ubiquitous surge to battle climate change, should the development of space…